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What is the deposit certificate and when do I need it?

The deposit certificate must contain the following information: the name of your company, the headquarters of your company, the total amount of funds transferred and, in an annex, the list of shareholders with the amount of capital transferred by each one.

The date at which the certificate is issued must be before the date the statutes are signed : the Tribunal carefully verifies this and will systematically reject any certificates dated after the signature of the statutes.

A company is only truly created when it is incorporated. alf takes care of all the necessary formalities with the competent Tribunal. The deposit certificate is an integral part of the incorporation application and you will be unable to get your Kbis without it. The Kbis is your company's ID card and it is necessary to the establishment of your company's legal existence.

Furthermore, with regard to SAS, the issuance of the deposit certificate is the final step before the signature of the final version of the articles of incorporation.

The acquisition of this certificate is crucial, but without much hassle. alf has partnered with several banks and will fully take care of your application: the deposit certificate request is made once you've responded to our smart questionnaire and have made the deposit of funds.

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