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What do I need to be aware of when making the share capital deposit?

When making the share capital deposit, French law requires that the transfer originates from the shareholder's personal account or, if the shareholder is a company, from said company's bank account.


When receiving the funds, the bank or notary will verify the origin of the funds and the transfer will be rejected if the identity of the account holder and the identity of the shareholder differ.

Further, regarding the amount to be transferred, the exact amount listed in the Articles of incorporation and the list of founders must be transferred, down to the last cent! As such, should Person A invest 256,98€ and Person B 56,98€, they must transfer these exact amounts onto the escrow accounts. Please note that any foreign exchange or transaction charges are to be covered by the payor and under no circumstances will the receiving bank or notary cover them.

Lastly, regarding the organisation through which these funds must pass, please note that only recognised banks and financial institutions are authorised to make payments onto escrow accounts. As such, transfers via applications such as TransferWise, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram etc are not accepted.

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