Your workflow automation platform for legal services

Alf's mission is to help lawyers to focus more on their consulting expertise by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Your LegalTech, easy as child's game

Compose your platform in a blink

Propose any of your legal services online

Automate each steps of your legal dossiers with more than 50 dedicated features of legal automation

Customize your workspace (logo, identity, document templates etc…) in our legal software


The best of LegalTech tools

One place for your favorite tools

  • Centralize all your legal services (KYC/KYB, electronic signature, registered letters, payment…)
  • Integrate your partners (banks, insurance, formalists, lawyers…)
  • Secure your data (store on your prefered servers/cloud, electronic safe…)
  • Access public information in real time (INSEE, BODACC, INPI)
  • Communicate easily (chat, emails, Teams, Slack…)

You need anything else? Alf connects to any API’s (on demand)


360 vision of projet's monitoring

Manage your legal projects
from A to Z

Manage your dossiers from the legal resquest to filing and archiving
Follow progress through your dynamic dashboard
Stay informed in real time and update your clients and partners


Build a team of rock stars

Propose the best of innovation to your team

Share your workspace through a single, intuitive interface
Decide on tasks and roles in your dashboard
Monitor workload and team progress
Dedicate more time for business development




Focus on your business efficiency

Drive your business to the next level

Adjust your strategy according to your progress
Improve your productivity with automation
Measure your profitability on a daily basis
Involve your team in a performance mindset


Say goodbye to your daily irritants
and save time every day

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No more IT cost

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Control your IT costs

With Alf, you have a connected, intuitive and ergonomic platform designed specifically for legal tasks. You don't need any IT knowledge or training on the platform.

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No more "work about work"

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No more searching into endless list of documents

Alf allows you to determine automatically - and only once - the useful documents according to your client's situation. Save time for you and your clients.

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Don't waste time checking the same information several times

Instead of navigating between your screens/papers to check known information entered several times in several media, Alf connects you to useful legal databases, allows you to validate them in one click.

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Eliminate multiple screens

Centralize information on a single screen and access it automatically. Alf connects you to relevant legal databases and the latest useful digital tools.

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No more communication blockers

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Improve transparency and communication

To respond to the imprecision of verbal or written exchanges on procedures, deadlines, conditions, poorly named and scattered documents, Alf offers you instantaneous information sharing and secure document centralization.

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Reduce follow-up calls or reminder emails

The procedure is shared with a clear progress chart, reminders and exchanges are centralized on the same secure platform.

Alf respects your expertise
regardless of the applicable law

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The best legal features for you

Legal efficiency

Library of customizable templates, contracts library, smart documents validation...

Connected legal services

E-signature, Know Your Customer (KYC / KYB), registered letters...

Smart dossiers

Smart and dynamic questionnaires, documents generation, emails integration...


User groups, chatbot, multilingual...


Customization, workflow builder, flexible login...

Shared know-how

Contextuals FAQs, help center...


Analytics, actionable dashboard...

Legal security

2FA, role based access control, secured archives...

Corporate basics tool box

Accounting center, autonomous invoice generation...