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  • Time saving in the management of files
  • Reduction of exchanges and manual tasks
  • Valuation and sharing of know-how



  • Standardization and compliance of internal procedures
  • RGPD friendly
  • Carbon footprint reduction (CSR commitments)

Your service services

Contract Library

Centralize and instantly generate all your contracts in all languages from your contract templates and internal practices.

Subsidiary Management

Standardize your recurring documentation, adapt it for each of your subsidiaries and manage the follow-up of each file on a single interface.

Management Committees

Organize your management committees and general meetings, write up the minutes, sign and archive your documents on your platform.

Internal compliance

Share internal compliance policies and track their distribution to teams.

Your personalized services with your documentation

(litigation, contracts, compliance)

Company Governance - Changes

General meetings

Contract Library

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Contract Library

Partnership agreement

Contract Library

Fiduciary agreement

Contract Library

Freelance agreement


New clients (KYC/KYB)


Recovery of debt


Quote request


Order for payment

And more...

How they use it?

"My legal team receives the files pre-filled online by the clients and whenever they want them. I have more time to concentrate on advice and check the conformity of the files in order to spend more time accompanying and advising clients. Exchanges with the bank, the accountant or the notary are centralized, less follow-up contacts and a transparent access to useful information."
Verico France
"By automating the creation of files for VAT registration, my teams have saved time in all exchanges with the administrations, our clients in China and our partners in Europe."

Get rid of time-consuming tasks!

Alf, the platform for innovative legal teams

Legal Teams
Accounting Auditors
Financial Services
Real Estate
General Counsel
Human Resources
And more...
Icône irritant

Endless inquiries

Stop entering the same information several times. Generate your contracts without re-entering information with Alf.

Icône irritant

Multiple reminders

Stop chasing after stakeholders to manage recurring litigations and go on vacation.

Icône irritant

Chase after validators

Organize and follow your internal validation procedures without having to send emails to your contacts. Alf does it for you and reduces your carbon footprint at the same time.

Icône irritant

Internal practices not respected

Eliminate the time spent writing internal procedure manuals that nobody reads. Alf allows you to automate and update them with just a few clicks.

Icône irritant

Too many screens and interfaces

Stop working on 5 screens and 7 different tools to keep track of your legal files. Alf is the all-in-one platform for lawyers.

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Time-consuming paperwork

Get rid of time-consuming tasks and recurring paperwork for your teams. Alf frees your teams from this unnecessary mental burden.

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Deadlines missed

Reduce the risks of legal delays and reassure your hierarchy or your accountant. Never miss a deadline again thanks to Alf.

Icône irritant

Obsolete information

Never again check 10 times the information in a file. With Alf your information is always up to date!

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Time-consuming interlocutor coordination

Stop sending emails to establish connections between your clients and your business partners. Alf makes them accessible directly from your platform.

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Chaotic archiving

Say no to multiple document storage and centralize all files in one secure space. Eliminate obsolete and unnecessary copies. With Alf's carbon neutral goal.

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Loss of appeal

Don't miss out on a business opportunity or a rockstar for your team. Embrace Alf and boost your firm with responsible innovation.