Choose. Compose. Integrate.

The best legal features to propose your services online and automate your irritants

Legal efficiency

Library of customizable templates

Define and customize workflow templates based on your expertise and work habits.

Contracts database

Regroup all your templates in a single secured space and make them dynamic.

Smart validation

Validate your final documents based on information coming from several sources in a blink.

Smart document renaming

Goodbye to traditional and not efficient renaming. All your documents are automatically named and stored.


Avoid miscommunication due to language barriers.


Reduce data entry with access to centralized and updated information.

Consolidated journal

Access to the history of your file activities.

Delay management

Anticipate upcoming delays ahead of time and set expectations for your teams and clients.

Reminders & Alerts

Setup automatic notifications for all stakeholders so you never miss a deadline.

Files search

Access all your documents and useful information automatically classified according to your internal practices.

Connected legal services


Share eSignature from a single interface and follow files progress smoothly.

Connexion with: DocuSign

Public database

Check your information in real time and from official databases.

Connexion with: INSEE,BODACC,INPI etc...

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Avoid delays in file management and reduce KYC or KYB compliance risks.

Connexion with: IDCheck, ShareID

Secured storage

Connect your favorite cloud account and stay in control of your data storage.

Connexion with:

Electronic safe

Centralize all your electronically signed documents in a secure vault.

Connexion with:
Caisse des dépôts

Automatic emails

Automate your recurring emails.

Connexion with: SendGrid


Communicate instantly with all your contacts.

Connexion with:

Registered letters

Simply send all your simple or registered mail.

Connexion with: MySendingBox

Secured payment

Propose a payment step for your online services.

Connexion with:

Legal announcement

Generate and publish your legal announcements automatically.

Connexion with:
Le nouvel Economiste


Share your documents and information with your banking partners.

Connexion with:
Crédit Mutuel and Crédit du Nord


Manage your domiciliations easily.

Connexion with:

Smart dossiers

Smart questionnaires

Collect all the required information with smart legal questionnaires.

Documents generation

Generate custom templates based on your work habits.

Document edition

Edit your generated documents to meet the unique needs of your clients.

Emails integration

Centralize your internal and external correspondence in a single workspace.

Documents management

No more random filing of your documents. Your files are stored and categorized according to your work habits.

Corporate calendar

Centralize all deadlines in a calendar. Your clients are informed at each important step.


User groups

Stop dreaming about effective team work and start doing it with our unique feature.

Instant chat

Keep your team in the loop and always stay connected with your clients.


Your know-how available in all languages. Avoid miscommunication due to language barriers.


Just like the good old days but much better.

Book meetings

Propose meetings in a blink and avoid email churn to book a meeting.



Your platform - your identity (logos, colors, icons...). You are at home and you can share it with your clients.

User friendly

Navigate through your platform seamlessly and enjoy from a user-friendly interface.

Flexible login

For each of your services, decide when you want your clients to connect.

Workflow builder

Build your workflows like you play with legos, adapting them to your practice.

Progress bar

Follow the progress of your files at every stage.

Client portal (White label)

Your platform - Your identity - Your url.

Instant onboarding

Welcome your users on your platform in your own way.

Shared know-how

Contextual FAQs

Share your know-how and expertise with your juniors and clients to avoid communication gaps.

Help center

Support your clients needs, propose collaborations and add value to your firm.



Measure the performance of your firm and your team efficiency and workload.

Actionable dashboard

Much more than a traditional dashboard. Contact us to check it out.

Legal security

Secured archives

All your information securely stored on your desired cloud solution.


Secured access to your platform for all users.

Role based access control

Limit security breaches by defining individual access rights.

QR code generation

Include a QR code in your document with the data that you need. Place it anywhere.

Corporate basics tool box

Accounting center

Dedicated space for all your clients to centralize and share their invoices.

Autonomous invoice generation

Access your personal invoice generator with your own invoice numbering system.

Corporate calendar

Never miss a corporate deadline and inform your clients in due time regarding any legal duty.