Is the Alf platform customizable?

personnalisation plateforme english

Yes! Customizing Alf is available, with the list of potential changes depending on your choice of using Alf as a white label or grey label platform.

For example, if you opt for the white label platform, you’ll start with a personalized url (your domain name); if you opt for a grey label platform, the Alf name will appear in the structure of the url (so your Alf platform domain name will be something like your brand name +

Generally, the Alf platform is customizable and configurable according to your identity and know-how. 

You can choose: 

  • Your URL (if white label)
  • Your logo
  • Your welcome message that appears at the first connection
  • Your colors and fonts
  • Your icon library
  • Your online services (names, order, service categories…)
  • Your workflow steps
  • A la carte functionalities
  • Email templates, content and labels
  • Renaming rules for your documents
  • The follow-up dashboard
  • And much more…

To see a demo of the platform, you can make an appointment directly with one of Alf’s Legal Tech experts.

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