All the tools you need, centralized and integrated

Alf, integrated tools

Benefits for your team
Reduction of manual tasks
Reduction of unnecessary calls
Reduction of interfaces
Centralization of internal know-how
Increase team retention
Benefits for your organization
Increase client acquisition
Better client retention
Access to real time document
Centralized & secured filing
Compliance rules

In addition to the basic integrations already provided on the platform, we are able to meet your specific needs to develop and/or add a desired integration.

New : ShareID allows a remote client’s authentication anytime, in less than 3 seconds by creating a unique and reusable digital identity linked to the client’s official identity and biometrics.Authenticate your clients anytime, in the most secure way on our platform in 3 simple steps:

  • Sends a request – Send a request to your client through any channel
  • User receives an authentication notification – Users authenticate on ShareId or directly on the platform Alf
  • Receive a confirmation – You receive an identity validation within seconds

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