How is the Alf platform customizable?

alf platform customizable, computer dashboard

The customization of the platform starts with the creation of the url of your platform. You can opt for a white label platform with a personalised url (a dedicated domain name) or a grey label platform where the name of Alf will appear in the url structure (Alf domain name).

Several elements of your legal platform are left to your discretion:

  • The integration of your logo
  • The choice of colours and fonts
  • The welcome message for every user connecting for the first time (which you can configure)

In order to respect the know-how of the experts and their brand identities, Alf allows its clients to personalise their platform as they wish and according to their specificities.

All emails sent from their platform will be in accordance with their own graphic identity and the wording of these emails can also be personalised.

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