Which APIs are available on Alf?

Alf offers different legal services to connect to your workflows, to save time in the daily management of your files. 

This services are also à la carte functionalities to integrate as you wish in your workflows.

Find our partners for : 

  • Electronic signature: DocuSign
  • Identity verification (KYC/KYB): Share ID, ID Check
  • Registered mail: MysendingBox
  • Public databases: BODACC, INSEE, INPI

And many others…

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There are many benefits to centralizing your legal services for you and your teams.

Benefits for your team
Reduction of manual tasks
Reduction of unnecessary calls
Reduction of interfaces
Centralization of internal know-how
Increase team retention
Benefits for your organization
Increase client acquisition
Better client retention
Access to real time document
Centralized & secured filing
Compliance rules

In addition to the basic integrations already provided on the platform, we are able to meet your specific needs to develop and/or add a desired integration.

New : ShareID allows a remote client’s authentication anytime, in less than 3 seconds by creating a unique and reusable digital identity linked to the client’s official identity and biometrics.Authenticate your clients anytime, in the most secure way on our platform in 3 simple steps:

  • Sends a request – Send a request to your client through any channel
  • User receives an authentication notification – Users authenticate on ShareId or directly on the platform Alf
  • Receive a confirmation – You receive an identity validation within seconds

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