Who uses Alf?

Alf is likely to be used by lawyers, accountants, legal or financial departments… and, more broadly, by all professions involved in legal and financial matters.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and automation, these professions can concentrate on more strategic tasks and spend more time on business expertise.

Alf was conceived and designed by lawyers, who are familiar with the day-to-day problems of case management and aware of the time wasted on recurring, time-consuming tasks inherent to their business.

Offering them a solution like Alf is an opportunity to save time and industrialize these tasks with little added value.

“Alf is a tool, a platform and a dashboard that has become like a full member of the team. Autonomous, intelligent and automated, it has enabled us to offer new services for our customers and to respond more quickly to certain needs.”H. Nijdam – Malegaltech by Le Nouvel Economiste

“The listening time we give to our clients has increased since we integrated Alf into the team. As an accounting firm, the automation of workflows and procedures saves us a daily considerable time. Repetitive tasks are no longer time-consuming!” Experts Entreprendre

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