What is a workflow?

what is a workflow1

A workflow is a business process composed of a succession of steps, tasks and operations performed by one or more people. It is intended to facilitate the achievement of objectives by breaking down the workload and the steps in the process.

Some organizations use modern systems to automate tasks in order to more easily identify repetitive and time-consuming tasks and implement improvement opportunities.

Often synonymous with better performance and productivity, automated workflows create sequential processes to track progress from start to finish and drive individual and group tasks.

what is a worklow2

In this sense, Alf is a productivity software allowing to create workflows and to follow their execution on a unique interface with all the concerned interlocutors.

Lawyer for 20 years with international law firms and worldwide companies (Canal+, PwC legal, Nomos, Amazon) I had experienced this observation from the inside: too much useful time wasted to regularly monitor on recurring tasks and time-consuming linked to files, with low added value.
It is to respond to this critical problem that Alf, the first platform for the automation of legal files, was designed and developed.
Customizable, collaborative and accessible in all languages, Alf is also part of a GreenTech approach that encourages responsible innovation by reducing your carbon emissions

Sabine Zylberbogen
Registered lawyer and Founder

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