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Does the choice of a trade name incur additional fees?

When you create a company, you have to give it a name: it is the legal or corporate name of your company. The legal name must be registered with the competent tribunal when you file the application for incorporation. It is however optional to register a trade name.

Companies can conduct business under a name different from the registered name: they can choose a trade name to deal with customers or trade partners. It is particularly recommended to register and use a trade name when it makes the identification of your activity easier.

A trade name is neither an abbreviation nor a sign. However, when it comes to taking the right decision for your company's trade name, keep in mind that it must be striking, original, and yet practical.

If this decision arises before the creation of your company, no additional fee will be charged at this time. But if it comes after the incorporation, the choice of a trade name implies an amendment to your company's certificate of incorporation, which incurs subsequent cost as we have to make the change with the competent tribunal.

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