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Do I have to comply with GDPR?

Any company established in the European Union (i.e. incorporated in a Member State) is subject to the GDPR.


Additionally, whilst many companies working outside the European Union remain under the impression that the GDPR provisions will not apply to them, given that they are not incorporated in an EU Member State,

any company that processes and stores the personal data of EU residents will be subject thereto.

Other criteria to know if your company must comply with the GDPR:

  • The establishment criterion: all controllers and subcontractors in the EU must comply with the provisions of the Regulation, regardless of where data processing takes place.
  • The targeting criterion: Processors and subcontractors whose data processing is aimed at providing goods and services to people in the EU, regardless of their nationality.

Should you have any doubts about the application of the GDPR, do not hesitate to contact us.

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