How can I invest in a company?

You can become a shareholder of a company, either personally or through a pre-existing company. In both cases, you can be a director, investor or both. The sole difference resides in the level of liability that you wish to assume.

Individually, your name will be on the articles of incorporation of the now company as shareholder and if you are also, the director, you will also personally be liable up to an amount equal to your investment (see our article on the liability of directors).

Should invest via the intermediary of a pre-existing company, it will become a shareholder. The signatory of the incorporation documents must therefore be legally empowered to sign on behalf of the company (e.g. a director or another member with Power of Attorney). This company as a shareholder can also combine his functions as a director, in which case he will designate a physical person to represent. The liability linked to the CEO will therefore be on the company/

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