The 7 benefits of automation with Alf

7 benefits automation Alf
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The robotics revolution represents an opportunity for entrepreneurs and legal professionals.

What are the 7 productivity benefits of automation for your business?

1. Save time

The processing of administrative and legal documents has become a time-consuming constraint for an entrepreneur as well as for a legal professional – notary, lawyer, jurist – all the more constraining as there is a strong inflation in this field.

However, 80% of the documents in this sector correspond to standards or models adapted to the margin. By automating these documents, the entrepreneur or legal professional can concentrate on their activity and their clients.

This is 50% to 90% of time freed up, according to Alf users.

2. Follow-up of documents and administrative procedures


Who hasn’t wasted time tracking down documents that have been signed several times or a contract in its final version?

The advantage of automation is that you generally benefit from a platform that centralises the information for you. This means that you have an ordering tool to carry out your administrative tasks from your living room … and without worrying about deadlines or requested documents.

The steps and useful documents are centralised on your platform and on a single interface.

It’s easy to dig through the paperwork: you can access the documents you need with one click. Notification algorithms ensure that each deadline is met. A solution like Alf offers a unity of space, time and place.

3. Security of exchanges

Alf, founded by a lawyer, guarantees “by design” compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is the first platform to offer this level of automation and reliability. A guarantee of confidence: professionals can progress in their activity and stay on course. Key players in the economy trust Alf: public institutions, legal experts, banks, company managers and business incubators.

4. Fluid communication

The use of a business platform allows interaction with the various legal and accounting actors necessary for the management of the legal documentation.
On a case-by-case basis, it allows different stakeholders to work together, for example by inviting clients to follow a case, the accountant to approve the accounts or the formalist to file the case with the courts.
The solutions offered for the legal profession become communication hubs over time.
Professionals have the possibility of dressing it up in their own colours to personalise this space

5. Strategic vision

Using a solution such as Alf makes it possible to meet important deadlines and the information needs of user clients. It also makes it possible to centralise internal know-how and to pass it on more easily to new employees.
Behind the technology, specialists in law and company management are at work. The human element remains at the centre of the business, which requires attention and indispensable know-how. This is why Alf’s team has experience of the law and the need for automation in the management of legal files.
We offer you new services in model form to be customised regularly. Alf is a tailor-made solution that is built and developed over time.

6. Savings

Entrepreneurs and legal professionals know from experience how time-consuming and costly administrative and paperwork can be.
Fortunately, new technologies allow you to have access to tools that are intuitive, fast, automatic (fully or partially) and finally to respond to your clients’ needs more quickly and with fewer manual errors.
Alf regularly integrates business tools such as electronic signature, payment or KYC and KYB verification (…) and makes them available to you according to your specific needs. You benefit from the latest technology, maintenance and stable integration of these tools without internal IT costs.

7. Peace of mind

With automation, clients can be more serene in the follow-up of their files, understand each step, involve the different interlocutors at the right time and thus ensure an effective execution of the files.

For the employees, in the same way, the tasks are more precise, the steps clearer, the managers also clearer, the know-how is shared and updated for each person and they have less contact with the customers on subjects with little added value (status of the file, progress, missing document etc.).

Alf’s platform promotes employee well-being, allowing them to focus on their core business and manage their day-to-day activities. Alf users talk about “serenity” and “peace of mind” and are happy to be able to spend more time on their areas of expertise.

Automation frees professionals from time-consuming, low-value tasks and allows them to focus on their core business. Save time on recurring tasks and build customer loyalty with a collaborative platform: discover Alf.