Legal automation : what is the difference between a document management tool, a workflow management tool and a legal management platform?

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If technological evolutions deeply disrupt operating modes, they always aim in fine at a field reality. It is in front of the extent of time-consuming exchanges and the lack of centralization of intra-company data that Alf has called for mobilization and has developed its service offer. More than just organizing telework and adjusting your needs, our different tools contribute greatly to the expansion of your operational efficiency. So what are the benefits? What is the complementarity brought by a document management tool, a workflow management tool and a legal management platform? Explanations.

Considerable facts and stakes

This ease of communication brought by the internet has allowed for greater fluidity in exchanges. In a very factual way, intra-company emails have unfortunately become suffocating. Too numerous, time-consuming and with little added value, they concern follow-up calls, reminder emails, team updates and are very often a mental burden. Their spectrum is wide and includes legal secretarial work, administrative formalities, KYC compliance, personnel management, customer management and recurring litigation.

It is considered that 50% of these messages are useless. On a more quantitative level, they have a cost and have been estimated by a study to be 150 euros per day. On an annual level, they generate a loss of revenue of 10% (Source LegalTrend Report of Clio 2019). Beyond being useless or time-consuming, the issues related to this type of conversation generate a quasi vicious circle harmful to the company since it has repercussions on the retention of information about the customer and their satisfaction.

Armed with this functional gap in many of our fellow legal professionals, we thus wished to put technology to work for you to enable better productivity and at the key to greater client satisfaction.

Non-negligible contributions

Our tools have been specially studied for their complementarity. Let’s approach them according to their interests.

Saving time

Based on the principle that time is precious and technology must allow us to save time, we have notably developed a document management and generation tool. It saves our customers a lot of time. Two birds with one stone. It quickly generates and centralizes the necessary documents with the whole team and the trades concerned.

It allows you to generate a recurring document model such as a debt collection, a formal notice or a summons to pay.

The algorithm of our legal management platform has been specifically developed by LegalTech experts to allow you to adopt an intelligent organization of information and documents within your company. It also offers the opportunity of instant access to public information and thus an optimization of the management of your file which extends from the creation of a document to its validation or sharing with a client.

Finally, aware of your need to juggle with several tools, Alf has developed tools that are compatible with your business tools such as dextre, SAP, Sage, Cegid and Polyact. Your operating modes are not disrupted. This integration allows you to keep your reference points and an automatic update of information about your customers.

Data security

The globalization of exchanges and the use of new technologies have between them signed an exponential growth in the number of data transfers outside France. The thorny issue of storing data on non-European servers has been the subject of much discussion for good reason. Let’s face it. In practice, too few realize the extent of the damage. However, legal professionals – as regulated professions – cannot ignore the interest of keeping the storage of their data in a secure place. Legal safeguards have been set up to address the risk of not having control over where data is stored. Data transfer outside the EU and European Economic Area is therefore possible but requires to respect a sufficient and appropriate level of data protection among others in application of article 49 of the RGPD. Alf brings you the possibility to automatically apply the RGPD rules to all the documents stored your files and an access under control according to the persons.

Productivity and customer relationship reinforced

Security, non-standardized naming rules, complexity of rights management by type of customer or type of folder, standard folder display without real adapted ergonomics… We have identified your challenges. We are guided by your operational efficiency and have understood that the complexity of tracking each file wastes time, causes communication problems, misunderstanding, mental burden and finally complexity in your internal exchanges or with your customers.

Our workflow management tool provides you with the notable advantage of receiving instant notifications and therefore avoiding the sending of an email and the cost in terms of time and price.

Finally, beyond the interest of a simple automatic completion of documents, you can finally follow step by step the entire progress of your file without wasting time with reminders since everything is automated. You can now focus on your role as a consultant to your clients.

We had to relearn to understand the interest of communicating in business to allow you to focus on the essentials of your expertise. From a vicious circle, we wanted to enable you to adopt a virtuous circle and this always with the help of technology. In the end, we had to rethink it as a means, not an end. Convinced? What if you also crossed the Rubicon? Let’s talk about it together?

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