5 ways to save 60% of your day with legal paperwork automation.


Lawyers spend just 2.3 hours a day on billable hours. A lot of the day, as much as 60%, is spent on drafting documents and legal paperwork. Daily, the average lawyer receives 70 documents or more.

Streamlining workflows through automation can save lawyers time, allow for more billable hours and help lawyers deal with document management faster.

   Automation and efficiency work together to help lawyers free up time that is better spent on other areas of their practice. When the right tools are chosen to help with drafting documents, law firms and their clients benefit in several ways.

Real World Advantage of Using Legal Paperwork Automation

Automation, when using a third-party provider, allows for faster deployment, lower upfront costs, and a proven system that can benefit a firm. The benefits of using legal automation include:

Time Savings

One survey asked law firms if their document automation was able to help improve their productivity. Roughly 71% of firms stated that through automation, they were able to boost both their profitability and productivity.

Time is money, and when time can be spent working on high-value clients or trying to secure higher-value cases, it can be extremely profitable for firms.

The right tools are easy to integrate into current systems to allow for rapid deployment and a lower learning curve for employees. While there’s an upfront investment involved with automation, there’s also cost-effectiveness which needs to be considered.


Cost savings come in many forms, with the right automation platform reducing:

  • Manual tasks
  • IT costs
  • Lost productivity

alf helps reduce manual tasks by 40%, saves firms two lost hours per day per person, and can save €10,000 a year in IT costs alone. When integrating automation solutions, the costs are easily recuperated with the time savings and reduction in hours lost per day by employees.

It makes economic sense to use automation in law firms whenever possible. Considering that legal paperwork accounts for a large portion of each day, it’s a smart choice to integrate automation solutions as soon as possible.

Client Satisfaction

Happy clients are returning clients. When automation is in place, it’s possible to create a form of standardization and to also improve quality. Client satisfaction rises when the same legal work is produced faster and with improved quality.

The same survey linked above also asked if clients would value more automation in a firm, and 47% responded yes.

It's important to note that a lot of firms have yet to fully use the automation tools that they used to run their business. Using a feature-rich tool to its fullest extent could help many of the respondents save even more time and money.

A tool that is easy to use, offers a clean interface, and integrates with other systems is one that law firms can integrate more deeply into their current operations.

Improve Consistency

Automation is all about efficiency. When the right workflows are created, it’s possible to maintain a high level of consistency across all clients and practice areas. The initial setup is key and will allow for human error to play less of a role in your firm’s day-to-day activities.

When consistency is maintained, there’s also less risk.

Reduce Risk

Automation reduces risks by ensuring that documentation is properly managed and that procedures are in place to follow legal guidelines. Human error can lead to an increase in risk, but the right productivity platform allows for a streamlined process with very little room for error.

There's also less risk of documents being out of date.

Risk reduction alleviates potential legal problems for law firms while also improving client satisfaction.

When the right platform is used, it allows law firms to:

  • Compose smart workflows, dossiers, and forms
  • Communicate with clients via email automation
  • Provide fast updates on progress in real-time
  • Organize documents through classification
  • Approve, verify, archive, and centralize documentation
  • Collaborate within teams to streamline workflow
  • Connect through your existing site
  • Offer electronic signature, connect to emails, take payment, store data and authenticate
  • Much more


Automation helps law firms make sense of the hundreds – or more – documents they receive each week. When all document management and services can be used from one central dashboard, it frees up time spent on documents so that firms can focus more on high-value work.

Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency