5 steps to improve labour productivity in 2021

In this article, we will see a concrete 5-step method to actually increase work productivity in 2021.

Step 1. Set labor productivity KPIs

What is KPI?

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is an index for performance evaluation to achieve the goal, which is translated as a key performance indicator. It is often asked in fields related to business performance such as management and sales, but it is possible to set KPIs in any field and any job. You can quantify what you are currently doing and what you are missing to reach your goals.

By setting KPIs, goals are quantified and everyone can grasp common indicators, which has the advantage of facilitating the unification of all members' intentions. 


Step 2. Wash out the bottleneck

Next, find the part with the least processing power and efficiency, the so-called bottleneck, from the whole. When identifying bottlenecks, it is a good idea to consider the following points.

  • Work that is often delayed
  • Work that occurs frequently
  • Work where the same mistakes occur many times
  • Work that spends a lot of time

Step 3. Investigate available schemes

Now that you know the bottleneck, it's also important to find out if there is any available system. For example, if communication loss occurs due to business communication during telework and productivity is reduced, I think that a solution such as introducing groupware or chat tools may be considered. Ask yourself this simple reflection:” let's see if there is a system that can be used to improve our problems.”


Step 4. Automate your task

Workflow automation is a tool that defines a set of tasks based on a process and works automatically for those tasks without the need for human intervention or manual steps. Organizations are implementing workflow automation as a solution that eases the burden on employees, such as data entry, invoice approval, and task assignment. The advantage of workflow automation is that it can simplify the process and improve efficiency.


Step 5. Drop it into TO DO and execute

Once you know your goals and improvements, it's time to do it. Goals don't make sense if you don't do them. Make your big goals as specific as possible. Let's put it in the to-do list in detail and execute it one by one.

Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency