The 7 benefits of automation for your business


The robotic revolution represents an opportunity for entrepreneurs and professionals. What are the 7 benefits of automation for your productivity business?

1. Save time

The processing of administrative and legal paperwork is a time-consuming constraint for a contractor as for a specialist in the law - notary, legal counsel, lawyer - all the more insistent that there is inflation in this area. However, 80% of documents in this sector correspond to standards. By automating the process, the entrepreneur or legal professional can focus on his business. That's 50% to 90% of time-released, according to alf users.

2. Monitoring

A platform is at your disposal: you have a command tool to execute the chosen procedure or formality. All your documents are centralized. This provides an overview of your past, current, and future actions. It is easy to tap into the paperwork: you can access the desired documents in one click. Notification algorithms honour each deadline. A solution like alf thus proposes a unit of space, time, and place.

3. Trade security

alf, founded by a lawyer, guarantees "by design" the respect of the General Regulations on the protection of the data (RGPD). This is the first platform to offer this level of automation and reliability. A pledge of confidence: professionals can progress in their business and stay the course. Key players in the economy trust alf: public institutions, legal experts, banks, company managers and business incubators.

4. Open communication

Interconnection is the principle of the platform developed by alf. It makes it possible to interact with different legal and accounting actors in the context of business management approaches (auditor, accountant, etc.). At the file level, it gives the opportunity to work together with different stakeholders, for example by inviting clients to follow a file. It is a communication hub. Professionals have the opportunity to dress their colors to customize this space.

5. Strategic vision

Using a solution such as alf makes it possible to respect the vision of the project at creation and to prepare its evolution over several years. It is because, behind the technology, legal and corporate management specialists are at work. Human remains at the center. Sabine Zylberbogen and her team have experience in law and corporate management. The new services are gradually integrated into the initial offer, a tailor-made solution is built and develops over time. alf believes in the complementarity between the machine and the man, and in the necessity of the expertise.

6. Savings

Entrepreneurs and professionals know from experience how entrepreneurial approaches can be costly and energy-hungry. New technologies provide access to more reasonable fees. A platform like alf is a proposal 4 to 5 times cheaper and without hidden costs.

7. Serenity

With automation, the entrepreneur and legal specialist are no longer subjected to repetitive and demanding administrative and legal tasks. A solution such as alf favors the well-being of employees, allowing them to focus on the core of their business and steer their activity. alf's users speak of "serenity" and "peace of mind" and are happy to be able to focus on what they do best.

Releasing time-consuming tasks with low added value, automation allows professionals to focus on their core business. Save time on recurring tasks and build customer loyalty with a collaborative platform: discover alf.

Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency