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12 features specially designed for administrative & legal paperwork at your disposal.
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How alf helps?


Reliability of data collection
The accuracy of the information collected, is as trivial as it is sometimes essential, is crucial for the reliability of the documents to be prepared. alf offers smart functionalities connected to relevant legal databases as well as the latest technological tools available to best adapt to the legal context.

Creating the right file
Instead of a series of different screens and systems (accounting, HR, shared files, etc.) to perform administrative tasks. alf offers recorded information, variations and source documents on a single screen for better ergonomics of the task.

Simplifies dossier validation
Our clients use more than 2 screens to execute their paperwork. The digitization of paper makes on-screen checks more complex requiring back and forth between several systems (accounting, shared files, etc.). alf proposes an interface simplifying validation steps and clear visibility to the information added to reach the goal of a one-click validation.

Transparency for your clients
The judicialization and taxation of business life lead to a costly inflation of contacts. alf offers a set of coherent solutions and in particular offers a graphical representation of the follow-up of cases in real time for a rapid, clear and reliable response.

Facilitate exchange
To respond to the vagueness of verbal or written exchanges, on procedures, deadlines, conditions, etc., alf offers instantaneous sharing of information in a continuous flow of clients/ Advice/ Platform.

Your innovative platform
To replace the costly processing of paper documents, and that of a smooth IT solution. alf offers to automate recurring administrative tasks and formalities without the need to hire IT specialists, within a secure, intuitive and ergonomic platform.
Compose your online paperwork platform
No code. No paper. No delay.
12 features

Smart workflows
Compose intuitive workflows

Select the available templates according to your needs, adapt them if necessary, add your document templates etc. Compose your procedures from your know-how, you know better than anyone how to ask the right questions to your clients.

Smart dossiers
Compose your dossier once and then it'll be automatic

Use your own document models, allow your teams or your clients to complete them quickly and without redundancy and limited to information available in the government's legal databases. Then decide what documents to include for your legal file or administrative package.

Smart forms
Remove useless questions for your clients

Connection to legal databases makes it possible to answer or complete most of the administrative questions in an exhaustive manner, without forgetting to include the particularities specific to each business and each client.

Your service list
Propose your digital services available online and automatic.

alf offers you the possibility of offering your services whenever the opportunity arises during the life of your clients' files.

Your questions

Save time
What can I do with alf?
alf is YOUR platform connected to the best tools to manage administrative and legal matters. Like our clients, use alf for your internal needs such as pre-litigation and contract management, human resources needs, investment management, the follow-up of litigation, identity verification (Know Your Customer), procedure for 'Notice and take down', etc.
How does alf work?
alf provides you with more than 12 useful features to compose your tailored workflows, connected to the databases of the Government according to your needs. You can add the electronic signature or a step to receive payments from your clients. The platform is multilingual. Whatever the complexity of your working methods, alf simplifies your workload and allows you to modify them simply and without IT costs.
How much does it cost?
The price varies depending on YOUR USE. As a SAAS platform (Software As A Service), we want to offer a platform that you use. Use our model workflows or contact us to establish a performance diagnostic of your internal practices, we'll propose you effective solutions or support in your internal brainstorming.
How much time can I save with alf?
Several hours a day. For example, we have seen a 60% improvement in completion speed for administrative formalities (company registration), and you can save up to 80% of the time used for the complete administrative management of a relationship with a client, smoothly and in an ergonomic environment.
Increase your productivity with alf
Increase your productivity with alf
Increase your productivity with alf
Increase your productivity with alf