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Company governance - Incorporation

SAS(U)-Limited for startups


SARL-Limited B&M

SCI - Real Estate holding



Civil society


Sole proprietorship




Company governance - Changes

Change of company name

Change of Directors

Change of Headquarters address

Secondary establishment

Director's salary

Change of Corporate purpose

Loss of half of capital

Increase in capital

Approval of annual accounts

Deposit of annual accounts

Change of statutory auditor

General meeting


Change a SARL into a SAS

Change a SAS into a SARL

Change of bylaws

Reconstitution of shareholders' equity

Transfer of shares

Change from single shareholder company into multiple shareholders

Change from multiple shareholders company into a single shareholder company

Open a franchise

Transfer of business assets

Closure of secondary establishments

Declaration of Beneficial Owner

Change of fiscal year

Change of company duration

Company in difficulty

Universal Transmission of Heritage


Resumption of activity following a shutdown

Writing off a company

Contract Library

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Service delivery contract

Consultancy agreement

BSPCE plan

Domiciliation contract

Partnership agreement

Freelance agreement

Fiduciary agreement

Sublease agreement

Lease transfer agreement

Professional Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial agreement

Property sales

Copyright agreement

Employee management

Temporary employment egreement

Permanent employee agreement

Fixed term employment agreement

Internship agreement

Employment certificate

Employee payslip distribution

Employee performance review

Leave or vacation request

Sick leave

Employee resignation

Workspaces reservation

Employment proposal

Procedure for dismissal

Lay-off procedure

Warning letter

Foreign employee - Work permit

Breaking a probation period

Convocation letter

Termination of employment agreement

Amendment of employee agreement

Trademarks and patents

Registration of designs and models

Extension of designs and models

Registration of a trademark

Request for trademark invalidity

Opposition to an online trademark

Online Trademark Renewal

Online patent filing

Opposition to a patent online


GDPR Compliance

Privacy Policy


Recovery of debt

Quote request


Expense reports

New Clients (KYC/KYB)

Internal regulations

Acknowledgement of debt

Legal notice

Order for payment

Terms and conditions

And more...