Your know-how

Manage all your files on a single platform with your clients and collaborators!

Boost your firm to the next level!

  • Your recurring workflows are automated according to your needs
  • Your document templates are generated instantly
  • You collect the right information from the right people at the right time
  • Your consulting expertise is enhanced
  • Your team has a new ally to facilitate recurring work

Your legal workflows made simple!

Contract Library

Centralize all your contract templates, save time in preparing your appointments, consultations and facilitate the onboarding of your clients.

Recurring Legal Proceedings

Automate the creation and tracking of your files and share the progress of your legal proceedings at each key step securely.

Secured Onboarding

No more time wasted on checking personal and public information (KYC/KYB), your platform does it for you. Your files are classified, named, shared and stored securely.

General Counsel

Standardize your recurring documentation, adapt it for each of your clients and manage the follow-up of each file on a single interface to save time.

Solon avocats

By creating our own legal platform and digitizing our most common practices, we have created our own legaltech dedicated to certain activities of our firm while maintaining our image, our expertise and our know-how.

Jérémie Chouraqui


Alf is a tool, a platform and a dashboard that has become like an integral member of the team. Autonomous, intelligent and automated, it has allowed us to offer new services for our customers and to respond faster to certain needs.

Estelle Raux
Legal manager

Experts Entreprendre

Alf’s platform allowed us to scale VAT incorporation in France of our Chinese clients quickly and smoothly. We were happy to leverage their tax expertise and they liaised with the tax administration allowing us to save legal costs and a lot of time.

Terence Lowndnes

Verico France

The amount of time we spend listening to our clients has increased since we integrated Alf into the team. As an accounting firm, the automation of workflows and procedures saves us a lot of time every day. Repetitive tasks are no longer time consuming.

Arnaud Girod

Entrepreneur First

We chose Alf to automate, manage and centralize our know-how in a single workspace, where everyone can access and share information with our team work.

Legal Team
Entrepreneur First