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Automates corporate tasks

Are you working for a law office, a notary or an accountancy firm ? Are you employed by the legal or accounting department of a company? Read on to learn about how your administrative and legal tasks can be automated. alf is the new SAAS (Software as a Service) that helps focus on your higher added value missions and improves the growth of your business.

Milestones: from Made in Law to alf

In 2015, after workinf for international law firms and a GAFA, Sabine Zylberbogen wondered why there were no software application yet available on the market that automatically deals with time-consuming administrative tasks and recurring paperwork.

In order to slay that deficit, she founded and managed and IT business, Made in Law, the first SAAS to have successfully relieved entrepreneurs from the administrative burden. She is now launching alf (Automated Legal Formalities), a BtoB solution which already trust economic players and industrial actors.

Robotic Revolution and alf

Robotics is the new revolution affecting service industries. Companies that have integrated RPA (Robotic Process Automation) into their information systems have already achieved double benefits. On the one hand, they have modernized their aging ERP, on the other, they have done away with the mundane daily task and allowed their staff time the care of the clients and value-added activities. The RPA market has a bright future. It is estimated to reach $3 billions in 2021.

What is alf going to do for you?

alf automatically generates your administrative and legal documents. Its manages your publication in the Official Journal, registration at Commercial court, summary of Kbis. And many more.

alf is an exchange and sharing secure platform. your signed documents are kept in a digital safe at Caisse des Depôts. You can invite your part,ers on the platform and discuss with your team. This makes exchanges and data flow better.

Also, alf is a management tool. You benefit from a global vision. You can track the progress of the procedures, fin documents in one click, meet all your deadlines by using our notification alorithms.

Performance, reliability and refocusing on your core business

alf is the first SAAS solution to offer this level of automation and reliability. The security of exchanges with your clients is guaranteed in compliance with the GDPR.

alf brings a gain of efficiency and productivity. You can enjoy a transparent, consistent and fluid experience with your clients. Our goal is to maje our users autonomous, informed and serene. You decide and oversee while alf takes care of your low-valued corporate tasks.

We are law and technology professionals. alf allows the accountant, the lawyer and the legal department to overturn the burden of administrative and legal tasks. This way you can focus on your role as an expert and advisor for your clients. Credit Mutuel, IbanFirst, Caisse des Dépôts, HEC/42, The Family, Entrepreneur First, trust us already. You too, get to know alf and reshape your business.

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About alf

alf’s vision is to build a business that relieves businesses from the burdensome, time consuming legal and administrative overhead typically associated with incorporating and managing a  company. Our SAAS simplifies, automates and renders effortless business governance in France. alf is 100% online, mobile-oriented and paperless with the use of e-signatures, instant ID checks, electronic storage etc.
We endeavour to be the default tool for lawyers, accountants and big corporations managing paperwork. By systemising and simplifying the administrative processes, alf is set to revolutionize business administration by consigning paperwork to history.
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