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Our mission

We break you free of low value added administrative recurring processes. That way you can focus on your expert role, and add more value for your clients.

alf gives you an automating and governing solution to make processes and administrative formalities go faster by integrating useful technologies.

alf is also a truly communication hub among all involved in administrative file. alf is the new governing tool for legal and administrative processes which gives you the key to interact with all of your suppliers and administrators involved.

For lawyers, auditors, notaries, legal director, entrepreneurs…,alf is the new tool to handle clients and files. Save time with alf.

why alf? = Automated Legal Forms
alf's story

Our story

In 2015, after several years with GAFA and international law firms, we asked ourselves one question. How is it that no software can lighten, brush off, one of the most time-consuming parts of any business: the administrative, the contingent, the recurrent. We wanted to try to put digital at the service of entrepreneurs discouraged by legal and financial paperwork. First by proposing the product to entrepreneurs, to assist visionary people, leaders, those who want to go quickly and without unnecessary constraints. Now, our wish is to put this technology at the service of law and audit experts, to assist them with digital transition in all aspects.

September 2019, alf's date of birth

Save time
Save time!
Save time!
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