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Our story

From day one, we are obsessed with one an only mission: Increasing the efficiency of counsels and experts by removing unnecessary time spent on paperwork

We are a group of people with different nationalities with a mindset to help people and businesses succeed.

alf is a no-code automation platform for every counsel that have no time to spend on technology tricks but want to leverage it quickly. alf enables them to propose their services online and automate what can be automated and dedicate the rest of their time for expert counselling.

We started to learn with entrepreneurs in search for solutions to save their time/bandwidth/workload and to get things done smoothly. We pivoted to a scalable platform, able to simplify any legal or administrative paperwork flow.

why alf? = Automated Legal Frameworks
Team alf

Our 7 core values

  • Technology is not enough if grandma can’t use it :)
  • We speak 7 different languages amongst the team, so our platform can speak any language.
  • Good intentions don’t work, so we’re cautious about our client’s needs
  • We start from our clients needs and work backwards
  • We spot unnecessary complexity and remove it smoothly
  • What we do, we do well
  • We make boring tasks fun

September 2019, it's day 1

Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity