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Our mission

Freeing legal experts from low value and recurring tasks to devote more time to their clients.

To propose intuitive and useful tools for legal or administrative experts wishing to minimize the time spent managing files and standard documents or following an administrative procedure.

Automatically check available information in real time because the time spent verifying information or on updating someone on the status of a file is a hidden cost too often ignored and yet as time-consuming as it is essential to track workload and progress.

Centralize properly named and secured documents because finding a document does not depend on its size but on the way it is named... an essential element for transparency and communication between all parties involved in a legal case.

why alf? = Automated Legal Frameworks
Team alf

Our 7 values

  • We focus on our users needs and work backwards.
  • We manage users and internal resources efficiently.
  • We simplify legal complexity relentlessly.
  • We believe simplicity and technology must always coexist.
  • We don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • We never stop learning and improving.
  • We adapt to all languages and country based processes.

Day 1, September 2019

Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity