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1 document
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What can I do with alf?
alf is YOUR platform connected to the best tools to manage administrative and legal matters. Like our clients, use alf for your internal needs such as pre-litigation and contract management, human resources needs, investment management, the follow-up of litigation, identity verification (Know Your Customer), procedure for 'Notice and take down', etc.
How does alf work?
alf provides you with more than 12 useful features to compose your tailored workflows, connected to the databases of the Government according to your needs. You can add the electronic signature or a step to receive payments from your clients. The platform is multilingual. Whatever the complexity of your working methods, alf simplifies your workload and allows you to modify them simply and without IT costs.
How much does it cost?
The price varies depending on YOUR USE. As a SAAS platform (Software As A Service), we want to offer a platform that you use. Use our model workflows or contact us to establish a performance diagnostic of your internal practices, we'll propose you effective solutions or support in your internal brainstorming.
How much time can I save with alf?
Several hours a day. For example, we have seen a 60% improvement in completion speed for administrative formalities (company registration), and you can save up to 80% of the time used for the complete administrative management of a relationship with a client, smoothly and in an ergonomic environment.
Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity
Increase your productivity