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What is the corporate purpose? How do I choose it?


The corporate purpose is the generic description of your business activities, be they your main or secondary activities, your present or future activities.

The company's purpose is exhaustively mentioned in the Articles of Association of your company. Solely your main activity will have to be reported to the French administration, and it will appear on your Certificate of incorporation (Kbis). Indeed, the only information needed by the Administration to determine your APE code or NAF code is your main activity.

These codes are important as they are the ones to set which collective agreement is applicable to your company accordingly to your business activity. Collective agreements set the rules for your company, regarding employment, but it also determines if your activity is regulated or not, and thus if you have any further steps to follow to incorporate your company.

It is often difficult to describe this activity - the jargon is generic, and we often wonder about the consequences of the use of one term or another (for example, marketplaces dealing with regulated activities may, depending on the language, fall into one category or another).

To simplify this step, Alf uses your pitch and suggests you a draft of your main activity and your corporate purpose, checked by experts.

It should be noted that if during this review, we find that your social object falls within the regime of regulated activities and additional obligations, we will notify you by email of any additional steps to be taken and administrative costs for the incorporation of your company.


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Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency
Save time and increase efficiency