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With alf automate all your recurring processes

with (or without) administrative deposit

  • Order for payment Beta
  • Sales agent proceedings Beta
  • VAT priviledges and pledges Beta

Advantages using alf

Time saving

No more sendings, move to the administrations (Greffe API…). Integrated partnerships and services. Documents easily available (online filing).

Reliability of Information collected

All of our documents are filing online to the Caisse des Depots during 10 years.

A transparent and fluid relationship with your clients

Better information for your clients about the completion process/ filing (less emails but more efficent meetings).

Productivity and efficiency gain

An average of 15 emails is supposed to be needed to end a file and 5min needed for an email. With alf, optimize your discussions, reduce emails and save time.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Put your partnerships in the spotlight and develop your networks.

GDPR compliant exchanges with your clients

No need to use your email box any more to protect your ID cards and proofs of adress. Documents are automatically deleted in accordance GDPR.

What makes alf different?
The only one to do it today

Save time
Save time!
Save time!
Save time