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Create your company paperless

  •   Detail your project and invite your shareholders
  •   Validate your social object and your bylaws
  •   Wire your equity for the capital deposit
  •   Sign all your documents online
  •   Receive your French company registration certificate
Best known for its high level of flexibility, the SAS (Société par Actions Simplifiée) is the preferred legal form for startups in France.
Contrary to the other legal company types, which are heavily regulated by the French Code of Commerce, the operations of the SAS are entirely set out and decided upon in the articles of incorporation agreed to by the shareholders.
The creation of an SAS therefore has several advantages :
  • the management of the company is fully determined by the shareholders in the articles of incorporation
  • raising funds is simpler and less restricted
  • no minimum share capital is required to get the company started
  • the individual liability of the parties is limited to their investments

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Create your company paperless