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Who is Verico?

In cooperation with alf, Verico European VAT Services offers comprehensive VAT packages and one-off services.

Verico, along with alf thus helps sellers around the world to expand to the European online market.

The new millennium offers new challenges and opportunities never seen before. Distance sales are skyrocketing as legislation scrambles to keep up. This means business owners are spending more and more time poring over the latest legal jargon instead of running their businesses. In 2018, the founder of Verico, Terry Lowndes, created a solution in keeping with alf's mission: no-nonsense, comprehensive VAT services, so you stay in the loop, without the hassle.

Verico's small team based in England, Germany, France and Israel work across Europe and around the world to provide you with the best possible service at the lowest possible price within the framework of its partnership with alf

In collaboration with alf, Verico offers the Seller one all-inclusive platform that streamlines all processes involved - from incorporation (Tax agent option), VAT registration (Tax representative option), VAT filing and payments and for companies, all companies’ administrative management.

To discover our offer, please visit our VAT registration page.

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