What is a regulated activity?

Some activities can only be carried out if the conditions stipulated by the regulations about the required certificates, diplomas, traineeships, authorizations or insurance are fulfilled (examples: sale of alcohol, VTC, real estate agent, pharmacist, doctor, etc.).

We provide you with a non-exhaustive list of the most common activities. If in doubt, please consult the list of regulated activities on the APCE website. If you fall under one of these activities, additional formalities will be required and additional administrative costs are expected.

Once your company is created, your registration file is sent to the relevant administration regulating your activity including INSEE. The later has the ability to review your activity and collect missing information or demand additional documents if your activity is qualified as regulated.

Today there are more than 100 regulated activities which are subject to the special requirements (diploma, insurance or other). Don't forget to consult them before starting to practice your business activity. Note that in such case, additional costs are due upon your situation.

For your convenience, here is a list of all the regulated activities, which contains requirements and the legislation concerning these activities.

Is the registration process for craft activities tedious?

When you introduce your company project to our team, by answering one of our intelligent questionnaires, you are requested to determine as precisely as possible the nature of your future company's business activity.

Administrative paperwork to be filled in, tax rules, management rules, and labor standards differ according to according to the chosen activity. Craft activity is one of the many types of activities in France: among them can also be found commercial/business, industrial, liberal and agricultural activities.

Craft activities encompass production, transformation and service provision which pertain to craft, thanks to a unique know-how. These activities can be carried out by individuals and juridical persons. A company carrying out a craft activity cannot have more than 10 employees.

Craft activities are identified on an official list of more than 200.

Becoming artisan or craftsperson is not a straightforward matter at all, the same applies for registering your activity with the Répertoire des métiers. People who are willing to carry out this type of activity must hold specific French diplomas/certificates. A certain number of documents must be filed, including full details of the required qualifications.

alf help you frame your answers, using the most appropriate words. When you do not fulfill the training conditions, it is better to study other options and avoid being stuck with demanding conditions. However, we recommend that you contact a lawyer before answering our questionnaire: they will be best suited to your needs.