What is a valid identity document?

Proof of identity is generally asked in our smart questionnaires when you buy one of our services, for administrative reasons. The identity documents which are accepted are national identity cards - only for EEA and Swiss nationals - and international passports.

In most situations, for non-EEA nationals, a visa bearing the mention "commercial activity" is also requested by the authorities to process your application.

A valid ID document is a document that is not expired: documents bearing expiration dates that have passed are not acceptable. We usually recommend that your ID be valid for at least three months at the time you fill out our questionnaire: it is not a mandatory rule, rather a tip to ensure that your application will not be rejected by the administration.

Your ID can be scanned using a scanner, or a smartphone provided that it is of good quality. Your personal details should be easy to read.

For an ID card, please scan the two sides. For a passport, we need both the page with your personal details and the one bearing your signature. On some passports, the signature is on the same page as the holder's details: should it be your case, you only need to provide this page.

Our experts are at your disposal to reply to your questions: please visit our website for more information. Should we encounter any difficulties with your identity documents, you will be contacted as soon as possible to solve the problem and not make the process any longer.