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What is the administrative form M0$7

The M0 is a national administrative form which the company founders must complete to finalise their project.

Once completed, the form allows the declaration of creation of the company with the CFE, which in turn advises the relevant administrative bodies (e.g. tax authority, INSEE and URSSAF).

There are different M0 forms: each company form (SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, SCI...) has a corresponding M0.

alf's legal experts take care to fill out the M0 and conduct the necessary checks to guard against any information/document requests or rejections by the Greffe. For example, we adapt your social object to your needs and your project, which requires some precision and much thought, as it is not a simple copy and paste. We choose the end date of the accounting period following a careful study of your file.

Thanks to the experience of our legal team, alf can greatly expedite the incorporation of your company, so that you can have your certificate of incorporation (Kbis) in no time.

Once the company is incorporated, we dispose of the M0 form, as it is no longer necessary. Your company's Kbis is now your reference document.