FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS/PROCEDURE - How long does it takes to get company's certificate of incorporation?/


What is the general waiting time to get the company's certificate of incorporation$9

From the date your application is made to the competent tribunal by alf, there is a general waiting time of 2 business days before your Kbis is issued. In certain cases, your waiting time can be shorter.

Of course, the waiting time will depend on Tribunal staffing and workload at the time of application. For example, during school vacation periods or bank holidays, the response time will be slightly slowed.

made in law accompanies you during the entire process and keeps you regularly informed at every step of way. With our tailored service, there is no longer any need to worry about the back and forth exchanges with the French administration: we will notify you of our discussions with them and will inform you of the progression of your application.