Your VAT paperwork

What is Alf’s role?

 VAT registration & filing is repetitive, time consuming and costly for companies and sellers who instead need to focus on growing their business. 

alf provides automated tools to make sellers’ tax compliance simple and to allow them to focus on their core activities.

In addition to assisting you in registering for VAT in France, Alf simplifies the completion of all your VAT paperwork: Alf first helps you with your VAT registration in Europe, and collects all your information and documents for each country in which you have registered for VAT, and thus acts as the point-of-contact with the tax authorities for your VAT affairs. 

Alf assists you with:

  • The centralization of your business transactions in Europe (be it online or not)
  • The transfer of the information required for the filing of your VAT declaration to your tax representative, your chartered accountant and/or tax authorities
  • Making sure your tax representative is regularly notified in case of any new relevant information.
  • Making sure you get notified of the paperwork left to do.

Our VAT services includes: 

✔  Smart and quick questionnaire to orient the seller
✔  Access to the best legal and tax experts on demand
✔  VAT registration
✔  VAT filing and tax payments
✔  VAT services available for any EU countries
✔  Online and seamless
✔  Get notified with updates on your tax compliance
✔  Global support with IT and legal experts making the process transparent, simple and automated.

    alf also offers you additional services such as domiciliary services with our partner, the opening of an online current bank account with our partners Le Crédit Mutuel or iBanFirst, or the management of legal paperwork for your company with our partner Sab Formalités.

    To get to know more, please visit our page dedicated to your VAT paperwork.

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