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What should I include in my invoice?

All invoices issued by a registered company must include the following legal notices:

  • The company's identification number, assigned by the INSEE
  • The mention RCS, followed by the name of the city where the company registered at the Trade and Companies Register (RCS in French)
  • The place of the company's headquarters, and if need be, state that the company is in liquidation
  • If you benefit from a contract to support your business project (contrat d'appui au projet d'entreprise pour la création et la reprise d'une activité économique), by which, a company supports you in your business project, it will also be necessary to specify the name of this company, the place of its registered office, and its identification number.
  • The invoice number
  • The date on which the invoice is issued

You must provide an invoice to your customers after each sale, published in duplicate (the first copy is provided to your customer and you keep the second in your accounts).

With alf, you have an invoice template in French and English in your dashboard.

Please note that if you do not comply with these mandatory notices, you may be fined.


Do I have to wait for my company's registration before issuing my first invoice?

No, you can issue invoices even if your company has not been registered yet.

Indeed, as soon as the incorporation process starts with Alf, you need to indicate:

  • On all official documents and communications: Company Name + Company Form + Full address + Total Capital + Registration number and location and the words : “en cours d'immatriculation”
  • On your invoice: on the bottom page of the invoice, “Numéro TVA en attente d'immatriculation”, meaning "VAT number pending".

Those information will have to be updated once your company is incorporated.


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