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What do I need to do after the incorporation of my company?


Usually, the steps to comply with after the incorporation of your company are the following:

  • recover the share capital - In order to do so, you will have to open a bank account
  • open accounts with all the beneficial service providers (accountant, insurance, etc.)
  • register for taxes and VAT
  • declare your VAT every semester
  • declare the Corporate Real Property tax (Contribution Foncière des Entreprises in French) before 31/12
  • deposit the company's accounts at the closure of the financial year
  • keep the records of the decisions made in General Meetings and complete them gradually
  • Eventually, for your documents and correspondences, you should consider modifying your letterhead. You should also make sure to mention all the mandatory legal notices on your website.

All documents issued by the company and addressed to third parties must indicate the corporate name, preceded or followed immediately by the name of the legal form of the company, for instance SAS or SARL, SASU, or EURL if you are the only shareholder in your company. The amount of share capital, as well as the headquarters and the place and registration number of the Company should also be mentioned in the documents issued by your company.

You get the picture: the management of your company's paperwork is tedious and you don't have time to waste on these repetitive tasks, when you have a business to run.

alf assists you in order for you to incorporate your company and to manage your company's paperwork. Everything is automated, your legal paperwork is generated automatically and accordingly to your needs. In this way, you don't have to waste time on your company's administrative and legal paperwork.


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