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When can I start conducting my business and amassing clients?

Starting your business before the incorporation of your company is possible in theory but there are certain things of which you should remain wary.

Each entrepreneurial adventure is different: the conditions under which two companies are created will differ. As such, each project should be subject to a certain amount of questions and an evaluation of the risks involved.

When you incorporate your company with alf, it is legally considered to be in the process of creation if one of the following conditions is fulfilled: the shareholders have signed the statutes proposed by alf or the share capital deposit has been made.

You can, in principle, start your activity at this point, being careful to indicate the name and legal form of the company on every document, followed by the phrase « société en cours de formation » ("in the process of incorporation").

The statutes drafted by alf provide for, in the annex, the rules regarding the various documents and acts signed and/or signed by the shareholders on the company's behalf. These documents will remain valid once the company is incorporated.

Concluding sales or providing other services is also possible for a company in the process of being incorporated; however, this is a more delicate question and we at alf can only recommend that you wait a few days until the process is complete. As the issuance of invoices can only be done by an incorporated company, it would be best for a company still in the process to issue quotes only.

Above all, should you have any other questions on the risks involved (on insurance questions, for example), alf advises you to consult an attorney who is best placed to advise you on your specific case.