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Can I sign documents online?

Yes. This is absolutely possible !

In order for a signature to be legally recognized, it must be reliable enough, to that end the e-signature solution must:

  • prove its ability to establish the identity of the signatory;
  • ensure that the content of the signed document cannot be subsequently amended;
  • make the access to the document during the legal period of conservation possible.

There are several security levels of electronic signature. Our service relies on a very advanced digital signature method: our service provider has a valid qualified certificate issued by the ANSSI (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information, the French National Cybersecurity Agency).

Thus, to ensure integrity of your identity, alf resorts to a system which couples identification processes (email, password and IP access) with our service provider's verified methods (email, phone number, access code via text message). This system includes in the documents signed time stamping and cryptographic signature. Such measures guarantee the existence of your documents at the date of signature and prevent later amendments.

All documents and pieces of evidence collected during the signature process (including metadata and IP addresses...) are certified by our trusted service provider who archives them in a proof file.

Thanks to our e-signature solution provider, digital signature of your company's documents has never been so easy, simple and secure! This undoubtedly amounts to a drastic gain in time, money and efficiency for innovative entrepreneurs. Electronic signature is totally allowed in France: it is even encouraged by the European Digital Single Market strategy (eIDAS regulation).

alf can therefore offer an even more automated user experience, pushing the boundaries of dematerialization.

Our service provider cares about information security and confidentiality, insofar as its solution is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 contains the highest standards as regards with privacy and confidentiality.

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