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What are alf's tenets?

alf supports you in the creation and management of your company. At alf, we automate all the paperwork of your company, from its incorporation to its daily management.

Our model is the automatic company: we eliminate the administrative complexity of your company's formalities by managing them in an automated way.

In this way, you can focus on the essential: the growth of your business!

We work with our partners, lawyers and experts in corporate and investment law to provide you with quality documents containing clauses that allow you to:

1. BOOST the company and its activity:

  • With legal clauses adapted to the chosen activity,
  • The documents proposed optimise the best practices of the sector (for example, the most frequent tax regime, the cheapest closing date, or extended communication rights to ensure confidence between founders, etc.).

2. PRESERVE the company's cash flow once it is incorporated:

  • C-level executives (i.e., CEO, CTO, CMO, etc.) are appointed indefinitely and without remuneration, expenditures in excess of €5,000 are decided collectively etc. All of this is subject to modification, of course,
  • Access to simplified financing (public, private, crowdfunding). To avoid having to change bylaws or company form during a fundraiser or launch on Kickstarter or Product Hunt.

3. ORGANIZE decision-making simply:

  • convening and holding of general assemblies by electronic means or video conferences, online voting, etc.
  • electronic signature of contractual documents and consultations,
  • easy and clear view of majorities required for important decisions in the company.

4. Equity between partners and protection of the founders

  • all shares are entitled to one vote and a right to profits and losses,
  • all documents allow the partners to transfer their shares to a family holding for up to 85% and all the partners benefit from a preferential subscription right.