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Why should I incorporate a company$7

If you are starting an entrepreneurial adventure, here's a useful reminder: your personal belongings are exposed to some risks as long as your company has not been registered.

The main perks of creating a company are thus:

  • Financial: when your company is incorporated, you get to claim your VAT refunds on expenses engaged for the formation of your company. You are also eligible to some State aids (for instance ACRE), but also able to benefit from external investment for instance through crowdfunding.
  • Patrimonial: creating a company can help you protect your assets and those of your family from any financial consequences of your business activity.
  • Commercial: the incorporation is necessary in order to reassure your customers, as well as your bankers. Indeed, incorporating your company will help give credit to your project and show your commitment to the project.
  • Relational: in order to better structure the founders' and shareholders' relations, to improve the decision-making process, the arrivals and departures... Clear commitments will always enable better discussions in order to move forward.
  • Legal: in order to separate your professional activity from your private life and isolate the legal risks that could be implied by this activity.

The incorporation of your company thus secures your business activity, and is easy to implement with alf.

assists you in incorporating you company in France, as well as managing all your company's paperwork. To discover our services, please visit our website.

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