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Can we challenge a rejection decision of the tribunal$15

If your application is complete and all the information is correct, the Greffe will immediately approve the company's incorporation.

However, the Tribunal may also consider that your file is incomplete and ask that you communicate certain information or missing documents within the 2 weeks following the notification. At this stage, the Tribunal will not accept an appeal of any sort - you simply are to submit the requested documents. Please note, however, that the Greffe may be contacted by telephone should you require any further information. alf will liaise with the Greffe and supply them with any documents or information requested.

The Tribunal will validate your incorporation request if it is of the view that all of the required information and documentation has been provided.

However, if these conditions are not satisfied, the Tribunal can refuse to incorporate your company. The decision to refuse incorporation is sent within one working day. A definitive refusal remains, however, very rare!

The decision to refuse incorporation must be justified and provide the possibility for the applicant to file an appear before the RCS. Should you be faced with a refusal and wish to file an appeal, it would be best contacting your counsel.

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