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Our partnership with iBanFirst

alf is pleased to inform you of its partnership with iBanFirst.

For the price of €50, Alf puts you in touch with iBanFirst and helps you open your professional bank account.

Indeed, iBanFirst is a financial services platform for companies. 

Their service offer has been specially designed for small and medium-sized companies. The pricing conditions proposed on alf have been designed to optimise savings to the most common types of operations.

In addition to an IBAN account and European services for receiving and issuing SEPA credit transfers, your iBanFirst account gives you access to a package of services offered by the Fintech ecosystem or iBanFirst itself.

A payment card, factoring, financing, investment and more, you activate the service you want, when you need it and you are only charged for the modules you have activated! This is the concept of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS).

In accordance with European law, iBanFirst is obliged to segregate funds transferred by its clients pending payment. In other words, iBanFirst must, each day, deposit in a separate bank account all amounts received by its customers. This account is independent, protected by the guarantee of the deposits and separated from all the funds and own accounts of iBanFirst.

As a result, clients’ funds are protected from iBanFirst’s creditors. In the event of bankruptcy, for example, there is therefore no mix of ownership.

iBanFirst is the only payment institution authorized in continental Europe to make payments with exchange by the National Bank of Belgium. This location in a country at the forefront of payment technology and the strategic oversight committee make iBanFirst one of the most serious players in the market.

For more information, you can visit iBanFirst's webpage.



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