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Our partnership with the French cooperative bank Crédit Mutuel

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Crédit Mutuel of Paris!

Always paying close attention to the way we can offer you the best possible service, we do strive to seek interesting partnerships with key actors to be at your side at every step of your company’s setting-up.

Alf and Crédit Mutuel both share the same aspirations and objectives: making the establishment of innovative and promising companies in France easier and carefully accompanying gifted entrepreneurs in various procedures while promoting similar values such as autonomy, simplicity and transparence.

This partnership will be valid for the opening of a professional bank account, until December 31, 2019.

It includes:

  • The opening of a “Eurocompte Pro” current account (a 3-month free package : current account, payment check, international credit card, CMUT Pro access, payment protection insurance) ;
  • A 50% reduction on bank charges for specific transactions ;
  • A twelve-month free rental of an electronic payment terminal ;
  • Support in the expansion of your activities with a financing of equipment (0% rate up to 2000 euros) ;
  • Attractive savings plans ;
  • A free hoverboard.

You will also be offered the possibility to directly communicate with Crédit Mutuel’s counsellors via our platform.

You will find here a more detailed description of the partnership.

Should you need any further information on this partnership or on your company's incorporation in France, please do not hesitate to contact Alf or visit our website.

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