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My company's certificate of incorporation (Kbis) contains mistakes: what should I do?

First of all, do not panic! It is not irremediable at all. Our team is immediately going to correct the certificate of incorporation with the competent tribunal. This will not in any way invalidate your company’s certificate of incorporation (extrait Kbis).

alf even thinks it is a good thing that you spotted the mistake(s) on the certificate as from the moment of your company’s incorporation, the information mentioned on the certificate must be absolutely truthful and accurate.

The mistake(s) can have two causes. You might have incorrectly answer our intelligent questionnaire by giving the wrong details about your project (place of incorporation, date of creation…). Either it is due to the reviewing of your file by the tribunal: they rarely make mistakes but the risk still exists.

alf can perform for you the relevant corrections with the tribunal. The procedure only depends on your company’s legal form as it differs a lot from one to another. Besides, a legal announcement will have to be written and published in order for third parties to be informed about the amendment.

alf stays at your disposal and gives full assistance so that you can get the appropriate certificate of incorporation. With your agreement, our legal experts will file the relevant administrative documents and hand them over to the competent tribunal.

You might still be wondering what is the point of correcting the certificate’s information. It is at the same time a matter of complying with legal requirements and nurturing your company’s reputation, even if there is only a tiny mistake. The French Kbis certificate is to some extent the ID card of your company, and many of your contacts with business actors, investors, administrations or banks will require you to be in possession of this certificate: this is something to be taken very seriously!

Our team of experts remains available after your company’s incorporation: they answer all your questions on our website!