FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS/How to change information registered at the Tribunal?/


I purchased a service on your website but I would like to amend some elements: is it still possible$6

You placed an order for a service on our website, and we want to thank you for your trust and interest. After purchasing a service, you have realized that some details are missing or you have changed your mind as for an element of your project. No worries!

When you answer one of our intelligent questionnaires, we automatically generate the relevant legal and administrative documents. As long as these are not electronically signed by the parties, you are still able to notify our team of the changes you would like to make.

However, please note that when all the documents are signed, we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to amend any element of your documents, as we hand over your file to the competent tribunal almost immediately.

Should the latter situation occur, our legal experts will take the time to discuss the matter with you and consider every available option, including submitting an other file to the competent tribunal, which will incur subsequent costs. It is therefore important that you remain cautious whilst filling one of our questionnaires and think thoroughly about your project.