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Standard Packages


You want to start a business in France?

Here is a complete list of the documents you need to start your company creation process with Alf.

You just have to provide us:

1. Passport or Identity Piece

2. Proof of residence less than 3 months old (electricity bill or bill of lading) gas, fixed phone etc.)

We will prepare everything else:

3. Account squeezes for the debit of your social capital

4. The legal announcement of the registration of your company

5. The list of shareholders

6. The declaration of non-conviction

7. The power to register your company in France, outside of your personal presence.

8. The statuses of your company

9. The document relating to the actual beneficiary (s) of your company

It is also important to know the relevant moment to create your company's been in France:

As a general rule, it is recommended to register your company 1 month after the beginning of the year activity.

Sometimes it is possible to wait a longer time, up to 6 months, especially if you do not have a lot of fees or no invoices to be issued for your customers, but be careful because in this case, you are personally responsible for all your activities.

You can engage in the procedure:

  • When you do business that may involve your personal responsibility
  • When you plan to raise money or unsubscribe to specific state aids when
  • when you are billing your first client.

Why incorporate my company with Alf

Avoid random searches on the Internet, the difficulty of having to find a bank to deposit your share capital, of contacting your partners by email or of printing your documents to discover at the counter that you are missing a paper!

Whatever your personal situation (foreigner, residing outside France or a foreign company, regulated or unregulated profession, etc.), we adapt our questions according to your needs and prepare all the documents necessary for the legal incorporation of your company as well as its management (articles of association, shareholders' agreement, domiciliation contract or legal appointment of an auditor, creation of your IBAN account online, insurance subscription, etc.).

With alf you choose your needs for your company's incorporation, and with the help of our intelligent questionnaire:

  • we automate the verification of your documents, their validity date, their type
  • we prepare the bundles of documents required by law and all legal notices
  • you follow the procedure in real time by email
  • we instantly send your documents to all service providers
  • your dashboard centralizes the documents related to your company

All our documents contain balanced, common governance and decision-making solutions, with majorities that are easy to remember, and are based on the best practices of your ecosystem in France, in the light of widespread practices in Europe and in the United States.

If you would like an expert opinion or to modify your documents, we put you in touch with an expert partner who knows and has access to your documents and can advise you online at a preferential rate.

If you want an expert opinion or if you simply want to modify your documents, you have access to the documents available at any time online. Our experts know our documents perfectly and can intervene in ways that focus on the added value of their advice.

The entire creation process is secure, including your identification, the creation of your online escrow account, your signature and the storage of documents. We verify your information, and your documents are sealed with a certificate issued by a trusted third party.

In short, creating your company with alf is a guarantee of:

  • Simplicity - your administrative procedures are fully automated: answer a questionnaire, we take care of the rest!
  • Speed - Alf instantly generates your articles of association and your company is registered within 48 hours!
  • Reliability - we guarantee you support from the best experts. In addition, Alf serves a diversified and demanding clientele (start-ups, nomadic entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, incubators). Providing quality service is part of our DNA!
  • Availability - you can give us a call at 003333184880707, or via email and chat.
  • Competitiveness - at Alf we include in our prices the legal publication fees and court fees, our offer is transparent and without any hidden costs. We are the legaltech company that offers the most services for the creation and management of your business, at unbeatable prices.