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Can I create a company in France if I am not a French national?

Yes, you can create a company in France (including on any French territory), even if you are not a French national.

The conditions on which you can incorporate a company in France are different, depending on two factors :

  • Whether you are an EU national, or from any other country outside of the European Union
  • Your place of residence


If you live in France:

  • First case: You are an EU national, or a European Economic Area national: you can incorporate your company in France without any constraints related to your place of residence or nationality. You will only have to us with an ID card.
  • Second case: You are a national from a country outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. You have to hold a residence permit which mentions that you are allowed to work as a self-employed person. This residence permit must be requested to the prefecture of the department of residence.

If you don't live in France:

  • First case: you want to settle in France: you will be required to ask for a long-stay visa. This visa will be granted if your project is viable. Once in France, you will need a temporary residence permit mentioning your activity.
  • Second case: You don't plan to settle in France: you will have to register to the Trade and Companies Register without having to make any prior declaration to the prefecture.


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