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Do I have to register my brand before launching my company?

Yes. Once you are online, anyone could register the name or logo that you use for your products or services, preventing you from using them or forcing you to purchase the right to use them.

A natural person can register a brand or trademark in the name of a future company which is in the process of being incorporated. This means that you do not need to wait for the end of the administrative procedures.

It is important to protect brands and trademarks as soon as possible in order to avoir unnecessary problems: another individual could register a similar brand or trademark, which would lead to a right of priority for them and be an obstacle to the exploitation of this brand or trademark by your future company.

Please keep in mind that a company that is not yet incorporated does not have legal personality. As a consequence, any registration made before incorporation only commits the people who have made the registration. After its incorporation, the company will be able to endorse the registration(s) with retroactive effect: the brand or trademark will therefore be part of the company's own assets, with a certain economic value and the right to protect and defend them against competitors.

Furthermore, at the moment of the registration, you should better avoid making false statements and claims about the ongoing process of incorporation. This will not be a problem if you choose to incorporate your company with alf since the brand registration procedure is fully integrated to that of creation of your company.

alf offers to take care of this service online: for more details, do not hesitate to contact our team!