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How are share capital and control divided among shareholders?

You choose the role of each shareholder in the company and the share of capital.

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and the other C-level executives (Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Finance Officer, etc.) shall have the same signing authority and one may replace another (very efficient during vacations!). There will remain other investors who do not have a corporate mandate. As a result, they will only have powers when voting on decisions during General meetings.

Investors consider that an equitable distribution between the partners is a guarantee of success and an equal level of commitment because everyone is encouraged to invest, and equality is the best engine. The only caveat is when there are two partners at 50/50 – pay attention to egalitarian distributions since a disagreement between partners could block the operations of the company and important decisions.

Whatever your decision, the initial distribution of share capital and control over the company is bound to evolve, depending on the success and the opportunities that your company will encounter. As a result, we recommend you to spread the capital according to the level of investment of each shareholder.

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