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How do I choose my business headquarters?

The headquarters of a company is the place where the management of the company is located and where the important decisions of the company are taken for the French tax authorities. Beyond the nationality of the company, it determines its competent commercial court, tax centre, URSSAF, etc.

So be smart - when you start, the prestige of the address does not matter, just think about two things:

  1. the place must be accessible to receive your letters
  2. where taxes are lower

Can I use personal residence to locate my company?

Yes, if you are the Chairman (CEO) of the company living in France - even if you are staying with relatives or friends - for a maximum of 5 years. Otherwise, you have the choice between a domiciliation (registered address) with a certified professional or the signing of a commercial lease.

If you choose a registered address, take advantage of our negotiated rates, always including 100% dematerialized offer for 3 months (renewable) and cancellation free of charge (see our partner's conditions).

And taxes...?

You must pay the Contribution Foncière des Entreprises (CFE), but only from the 2nd calendar year of activity and up to 50%. From the 3rd year onwards, you will pay 100% of the CFE. This tax amount is determined upon the city of the headquarters, your turnover and the size of your premises. You can, therefore, choose to locate your company in a city where CFE is cheaper than another.

Other taxes may be added depending on your activity (contact us for more information).

Do you want to change your headquarters?

You can do it, any time, during a fundraising, when you take a lease or just because you want to.

However, be careful as this is expensive. When you change your headquarters, you must publish modified bylaws, publish the change in a legal notice journal (in the commune of departure and in the new municipality) and pay court fees.